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MAIDS : Motorcycle Accidents In Depth Study

MAIDS is the most comprehensive in-depth data currently available for Powered Two-Wheelers (PTWs) accidents in Europe. The investigation was conducted during 3 years on 921 accidents from 5 countries using the OECD common research methodology.

ACEM, the European Association of Motorcycle Manufacturers, lead the MAIDS study supported by a group of 9 partners. MAIDS was co-funded by the European Commission.


Within five European countries, five areas were identified due to their representativity of the PTW accident patterns. Each sampling area was handled by a team appointed by the MAIDS management group. A total of 921 accidents cases were investigated, each using a questionnaire with 2000 variables. The aggregate database that was so generated forms the basis for the MAIDS report.

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What's new:

April 2009 - Version 2.0 of the MAIDS report is now available. It contains a new presentation of the data with a split between mopeds (L1 vehicles) and motorcycle (L3) in both chapters, chapter 3.0 General Accident Characteristics and Chapter 10.0 Rationale for Action.

  • - Multivariate analysis on Fatal Accidents describing the results of a multivariate analysis of the in-depth motorcycle accident data collected during the MAIDS project. Data have been presented according to all powered two wheeler (PTW), as well as L1 and L3 vehicle categories where appropriate.
  • - Presentation of the MAIDS Report with the latest updates

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October 2008 - TRL published a "Comparative analysis of motorcycle accident data from OTS and MAIDS". You can download the full report [here]

Version 1.3 of the MAIDS study has been released. You can download the updated MAIDS report and track the changes by clicking [here].

This site has been fully redesigned to give a better overview of the MAIDS study easing navigation.


The MAIDS database is available to external research projects. If you are a researcher or a road safety analyst and you would like to have access to the MAIDS database, please contact ACEM.